The Club auctioneer runs four postal auctions each year, in addition to a live auction at each half-yearly meeting.


The postal auctions typically contain some 200+ items, consisting of a mixture of:


    Older and quite rare packets,

    Live packets (unopened and with the original cigarettes intact),

    Tins and boxes, cigarettes and tobacco,

    Numbers of more modern packets, of varying nationalities,

    Numbers of packet fronts,

    Advertising material, books, magazines, etc,

    Sweet cigarette packets.


Items for sale come from a variety of sources, including members' duplicates, collections the Club itself has bought (typically on the death of a collector), and collections being sold by collectors who are giving up collecting. Items are also accepted from non­members.


Bidding in auctions, however, is only open to members, and auction lists are distributed to members automatically. A bidding form is enclosed with every list, but bids are also accepted by telephone or e-mail.


When selling on behalf of others, the Club takes 15% commission, based on sale price. A maximum of 20 items per auction is accepted from any one individual. Some lots carry reserve prices, at the discretion of the seller, with an overall minimum bid of £5 per lot.


The auctions are very successful, attracting some 50 bidders each time, and around 500 bids. They give everybody in the Club an opportunity to buy items they might never find elsewhere, at prices to suit every pocket.


At each Club meeting, some 50 lots are provided for auction by the Club, and anyone attending can offer items for sale in addition.


The continuing success of the auctions depends very much on a steady stream of items coming forward for inclusion, of all sorts, so if you have anything you would like to sell, please make contact.

Valuations and Support:


Barry Russell

9 Regent Place


East Sussex, TN21 8TJ


Telephone: 44 (0)1435 865427


Club Auctioneer:


Frank Smith


Sheep Street Lane


East Sussex, TN19 7AY


Telephone: +44(0)1580 819326


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