by Barry Russell


On 21 st April a BBC researcher rang me to enquire whether I could supply one of our members for a forthcoming 'Antiques Roadshow' to be screened in the autumn of 2005. This would be for the 'Collectors' section which is now an integral part of the programme.

The show was to be shot in the North of England in the next few weeks. Did I know a member who would be willing to appear on the television, show his general collection and be interviewed by Michael Aspel? The venue was to be Lichfield or Rochdale. Due to my own holiday in the USA at the time of the programme this ruled out my attendance. A willing volunteer was required and our very own Chad from Mancot fitted the bill admirably. So a star was born!


I told Chad the BBC researcher said that once the show was screened and publicised the Club and the collection, then viewers would soon be sending in packets from their attics. This was enough to solicit our 'volunteer'! Once he had been vetted by the lovely researcher and the show neared I think a little apprehension may have set in.


However, all went well. Graham Reason was called upon to act as minder for Chad and the collection and they motored to the Rochdale Antiques Roadshow. Rochdale fitted the bill perfectly as Chad just happened to have a cigarette packed called 'Pioneer' manufactured at Rochdale.


Chad soon had the BBC under his control and during the half an hour filming (for the two/three minute slot) he soon acquainted Michael Aspel on the finer points of the hobby. The old manufacturers vending cabinets went down well and all the experts were intrigued by the collection. They were all surprised by the splendor and variety of the Cigarette Packets.


It was said in passing that the collection was one of the best represented at an 'Antiques Roadshow'.


I am not sure of the date this momentous event will be screened on the television, but a provisional date of the 6 th November has been given by the BBC. Hopefully, this appearance on television to a wider audience will stimulate interest and afford a greater awareness of the hobby. We hope it may produce an influx of new members.


Well done Chad - you are a TV star. I am sure he will sign autographs at the next meet!


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